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World Zero Value List [UPDATED]

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Are you in search of the latest World Zero Value List? Your search ends here. We provide you with a comprehensive updated World Zero Value List to keep you updated on the most current in-game prices.

World Zero Value List

Within this guide, World Zero Value List. It’s important to note that these values can fluctuate, so treat them as approximate estimates.

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Comprehensive World Zero Value List

Item NameCommunity Value
Festive Lion55,000,000
Festive Cerberus55,000,000
Zero Longsword50,000,000
Zero Armor40,000,000
Sleeping Cloud40,000,000
Love Cloud40,000,000
Rolling Egg35,000,000
Candy Hearts30,000,000
Ice Breaker30,000,000
Rainbow Rhea25,000,000
Fabergé Egg25,000,000
Wicked Broomstick25,000,000
Wicked Broomstick (Mount)25,000,000
Turkey Rhea20,000,000
Pet Spooky Cat20,000,000
Gamer Star15,000,000
Energy Board (Black)15,000,000
Energy Board (White)15,000,000
Pet Foxdeer750,000,000
Heartbreak Aura200,000,000
Dress of Spades150,000,000
Striped Suit150,000,000
Teddy Bear100,000,000
Brown Penguin100,000,000
Glitched Aura100,000,000
Blue Penguin100,000,000
Anti Sleigh100,000,000
Purple Penguin100,000,000
Orange Penguin100,000,000
Black Penguin100,000,000
Green Penguin100,000,000
Winter Lion75,000,000
Candy Cane Longsword (Black)70,000,000
Energy Board (Orange)112,000,000
Raptor (Orange)112,000,000
Raptor (Green)12,000,000
Energy Board (Red)112,000,000
Golden Shamrock12,000,000
Energy Board (Green)112,000,000
Energy Board (Yellow)112,000,000
Energy Board (Purple)12,000,000
Raptor (Purple)112,000,000
Star Energy Board (Yellow)110,000,000
Tulip Rhea19,000,000
Easter Bunny19,000,000
Horse (Tan)19,000,000
Aether Cerberus9,000,000
Ice Cerberus9,000,000
Horse (Grey)19,000,000
Horse (Brown)19,000,000

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