Anime Warriors Tier List

Here is an Anime Warriors Tier List to give you an idea what are the strongest characters in the game:

Anime Warriors Tier List

the tier list is organized from strongest characters being Tier S to the weakest ones being Tier D:

S Tier

  • Mihoku
  • Broky
  • The 4th
  • Uraha
  • Pikkoro

A Tier

  • Kashidori
  • Sanjuro
  • Goora
  • Bejitom
  • Zorui
  • Bejita
  • Zabuzo
  • Son

B Tier

  • Ruyu
  • Nadda
  • Ruffy
  • Ichigara
  • Tion

C Tier

  • Raditsu
  • Axe-Handed Morgan
  • Kurrin
  • Usopiem
  • Naruto

D Tier

  • Chef
  • Kid Goran
  • Master
  • Kid Sassy

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