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Castle Crashers Tier List
Written by Wike Cattleyana

We’re going to uncover the Castle Crashers Tier List today. As a result, you may see the game’s most recent tier list. So, to learn more, read the entire article.

Castle Crashes Tier List
Castle Crashers Tier List

New player? Don’t worry, this guide can help you get started. Because you can tell which character will be most useful for you based on the Castle Crashers Tier List.

After that, you can improve them one at a time.

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In the early game, certain Castle Crashers characters progress faster than others, due to strong beginning weapons. However, by the time a player enters insane mode, they are generally at a high enough level to get any weapon, so starting weaponry are downplayed.

With that in mind, with two exceptions, characters are rated purely on the basis of their magical attacks. Green Knight has a very heavy attack, and Alien is unable to modify his initial weapon.

Aside from that, Castle Crashers Tier List tier list focuses mostly on a character’s splash strike, as this is generally their most distinguishing feature.

Elemental Infusions, Magic Jumps, Projectiles, and Air Projectiles are all extremely similar.

A solid splash attack can let you do both or just one of these things: manage crowds or rapidly dispatch bosses and big opponents.

Castle Crashers Tier List

SIndustrialist/FencerBecause of his incredible numbers, Fencer is regarded as the finest character in the game. He’s a popular figure thanks to his fence-like outfit and a hamlet on his head. Fencer is armed with a weapon called Fencer’s Foil, which he uses to defeat his enemies. Because of his employment of saw blades, he is a unique figure. He can slay even the hardest enemies and bosses with these blades. Fencer can also use saw blades to manage the throng. He also employs magic jumps to inflict magical damage on his enemies.
SRed KnightElectricity is Red Knight’s element, and it has the power to stun lesser enemies while delivering continuous damage. His “Thunderbolt” Splash Attack can stun many enemies at the same time, making it ideal for clearing crowds. It is, however, less efficient at finishing opponents. Red Knight will have some difficulty dealing with bosses because they will not be shocked by the stunning impact, allowing them to close up on him fast, forcing Red Knight to utilize hit-and-run tactics.
SBlue KnightBlue Knight’s Splash Attack and Air Projectile, “Ice Shards,” are effective in immobilizing groups of enemies quickly while dealing significant damage. “Ice Bolt,” Blue Knight’s Magic Projectile, is effective in individually freezing enemies while also dealing significant damage. “Ice Encasement,” a Blue Knight Elemental Infusion, is useful for endlessly combo trapping an adversary until the enemy is decapitated if done correctly. Blue Knight’s Magic Jump, “Ice Fist,” works similarly to “Ice Bolt” in immobilizing a single enemy, but it requires the Blue Knight to approach up close and boosts him into the air.
ASnakey/Brute“Take use of Magic as soon as possible.” Due to how fair the “”Thorny Vines”” Splash Attack is, weapon choice practically makes no impact. Snakey, like any other boss slayer in the game save Fire Demon and Red Knight, only struggle against large groups of enemies or a rapid heavyweight, like Thieves’ Forest, Wizard Castle Interior, and Conehead Groom, respectively. Especially if the Snakey player is unable to use Juggling to save his or her life.

 Snakey is above average in late the game. A Strength heavy weapon, a Magic heavy weapon, or both is recommended. the Animal Orb you choose  does make a difference . Piggy, Snoot, and Hawkster are the top three.
AAlienWith its powers, Alien is a average character. Alien’s lack of flexibility is one of its drawbacks, since it can’t swap out its Alien Gun for anything else. Furthermore, while having the capacity to knock back multiple enemies, the “Comet” Splash Attack is noticeably poor in huge groups of enemies, despite its strong spamming potential. The Troll Mother fight in Thieves’ Forest and Marsh, as well as the Necromancer encounter in Wizard Castle Interior, are examples of this.
ASaracenThe Saracen’s Magic Projectile (Sand Blast) is unique. It specializes in setting up juggles on light or medium-weight enemies, despite being weak at dealing damage to both normal enemies and bosses. It launches them straight up and extremely high, giving them plenty of time to jump in and start juggling.
AKingKing stands out among the other 30 characters since he lacks an offensive Splash Attack. Instead, he favors defensive magic over offensive magic. The healing from the Splash Attack isn’t as effective as some might expect. The amount of healing is determined by the King’s level, the amount of Magic points he has, and the weapon he wields. As a result, King is trapped with the tools he has left. In a typical level like Desert or Full Moon, you’ll need to juggle and take a pause between each fight merely to heal. Along with Green Knight, King is one of the game’s weakest characters. He doesn’t have a single Splash Attack to protect himself with.
BBearBear is essentially a refined King with a purposeful niche that has a high learning curve, very high execution requirements, and is extremely difficult to master. He has a decent time in Insane Mode. Recently, Bear and Saracen’s extremely difficult techniques ultimately amount to two extra hits on a mediumweight juggle.
BBlacksmithHis Splash Attack, while good for initiating juggles, has fewer hits on bosses, for instance, and is very glitchy. His Magic Projectile, has fire properties, so the DoT on enemies weak or resistant to it, still applies, but it isn’t usually used in favor of the Splash Attack. His Elemental Infusion is pretty standard and has its uses, being high damaging and is good with the Drill Spin combo. Overall, Blacksmith is considered to be the worst character in the game, due to his lacking Splash Attack that leaves him vulnerable and reliant on arrow spamming on the tougher parts of the game. The Magic Projectile does not do him any favors, despite being also Fire.
BFire DemonFire Demon is an incredible character with high unmatched capabilities, barring the other characters presumably having more comfortable, desirable capabilities, such as crowd control, crowd clearing, juggling, etc. Fire Demon has a fantastic movepool due to his options that makes him overall, the 2nd best boss slayer in the game. Typically, a Fire Demon player tends to capitalize Magic at some point in time, due to how incredibly potent it is in said certain roles. After the hurdles of stat attributing subside, Fire Demon becomes an absolute killing machine that faces little to no problems in the game. The deal breaker of Orange Knight’s fantastic Unlock Path.
BPink KnightThe “Rainbow Chain” Splash Attack of Pink Knight is a handy technique for interrupting enemies in the middle of a fight. The Air Projectile of Pink Knight may also be used to spellweave. Pink Knight struggles with huge groups of enemies, such as the Necromancer battle, and his “Rainbow Chain” Splash Attack is tied for the most expensive in the game with Blue Knight and Iceskimo’s “Ice Pillars” Splash Attack. Character is average.
BOrange KnightOrange Knight’s element is Fire. Fire has one hit of damage over time, but unlike poison, over half of the enemies are weak to it. Some of the enemies weak to fire include: Barbarians, the Barbarian Boss, Trolls, Bears, Royal Guards, Stove Faces, Fish Men, Snakeys, Iceskimos, Frost King, and Undead Cyclops. In addition to that, fire deals full knockback to all heavyweight enemies. (Stove Face, Royal Guards, and Coneheads). Fire Demons resist the knockback from all fire attacks. Cult Minions are immune to any elemental effect and take minuscule damage, however, this can be taken advantage of.
CNecromancerNecromancer’s “Skeletal Hands” Splash Attack is a decent setup option for Juggling. It is not to be considered boss slayer material. Necromancer’s “Kamikaze Skeleton” Air Projectile is best known for being the only Air Projectile to keep on going, even when impacting with the ground. The projectile also moves very fast. Due to his otherwise average splash having such an unconventional purpose, he is arguably one of the harder characters to learn.
CCultist/SkeletonSkeleton’s “Dark Pillars” Splash Attack is a decent option for Juggling. It is not to be considered boss slayer material. Identical to Cult Minion and Barbarian. Average character. Skeleton is incredibly easy to pick up and learn. His game plan is similar to Necromancer’s except, the “Dark Pillars” Splash Attack has range. Underrated Arena character. Skeleton’s “Dark Pillars” Splash Attack can be lead to a medium-weight juggle.
CGreen KnightGreen Knight’s Poison Magic deals high damage over time on the few enemies that are vulnerable to it, making his Magic quite effective at dealing large amounts of damage. This is offset, however, by the large amounts of rather challenging-to-face enemies, namely Snakeys, and Skeletons; that are resistant to Poison, and that Green Knight’s Splash Attack has a small amount of knockback. Another unique characteristic about the Green Knight is that his Heavy Attack rate, compared to other characters, is rather sluggish, and hits less times compared to the regular Heavy Attack.
CConehead/Royal GuardConehead at first, to many beginners, appears to be yet another shameless carbon copy of the dedicated and fan nicknamed “Arrow Rainers”, whom are Thief, Peasant, Civilian, Open-Faced Gray Knight, and Stove Face. However, this is fortunately not the case with Conehead. His Magic Projectile and Air Projectile are one of the best in the game, alongside Royal Guard and Gray Knight’s. Conehead is a key playable character to utilize Spellweaving when learned.
DKiller Bee KeeperArguably the most fragile boss slayer in the game. It does not help that Killer Beekeeper has the most uncommon unlock path and character selection to most casual players due to them not committing time to complete Barbarian or getting what niche the Killer Beekeeper has. Killer Beekeeper is one of the worst characters in the game.
DGray KnightGray Knight at first, to many beginners, appears to be yet another shameless carbon copy of the dedicated and fan nicknamed “Arrow Rainers”, whom are Thief, Peasant, Civilian, Open-Faced Gray Knight, and Stove Face. However, this is fortunately not the case with Gray Knight. His Magic Projectile and Air Projectile are one the best in the game, alongside Conehead and Royal Guard’s. Gray Knight is a key playable character to utilize Spellweaving when learned. Elemental Infusion damage is a minor component to Gray Knight’s Magic due to its extremely inconsequential viability in the Level 50 Combo, besides taking longer to kill the likes of Frost King and Painter.
ENinjaCapitalize on Magic as soon as possible. Weapon choice almost doesn’t make a difference due to how fair the “Smoke Screen” Splash Attack is. Ninja, as well as any boss slayer in the game, bar Fire Demon and Red Knight, truly only struggles against massive amounts of enemies or a very quick heavyweight such as in Thieves’ Forest and Wizard Castle Interior and Conehead Groom, respectively. Especially if the Ninja player can not utilize Juggling at all to save his/her life.

Late game, Ninja is above average. Recommended to use a Strength heavy weapon, a Magic heavy weapon, or both. Animal Orb selection does make a bit of difference. The top 3 in Piggy, Snoot, and Hawkster, will suffice.
EBarbarianBarbarian’s “Blunt Weapons” Splash Attack is a decent option, for Juggling. It is not to be considered boss slayer material. Overall Barbarian is an average character that like most average characters struggles in difficult or time consuming levels like Desert or Full Moon
Castle Crashers Tier List

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