Cities Skylines How to Get American Buildings ?

Cities Skylines How to Get American Buildings
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Struggling to change European buildings to American Buildings? Worry no more, in this post I will show you the Cities Skylines How to Get American Buildings.

Cities Skylines How to Get American Buildings
Cities Skylines How to Get American Buildings

Before jumping to The Cities Skylines How to Get American Buildings let’s see a brief info about the game itself.

Cities: Skylines gives players a lot of customization possibilities as they plan and expand their own settlement. While many are simple to grasp, there are a few details that can slide between the cracks as one strives to become the finest city planner possible.

Setting the style of one’s buildings is a feature available to the player right from the start in Cities: Skylines, as the standard game includes two possible building styles: European and American.

Choosing a style for one’s structures, however, isn’t the most intuitive process, despite the fact that it isn’t tough. Players that are loving this city-building game should look into certain specific in-game menus to learn how to change building styles.

Cities Skylines How to Get American Buildings?

The most convenient way to change building styles in-game, such as the American style, is to use the District Menu. In order for a default name to appear, players must first paint a district. Then interact with this default name to bring up the District Menu, which should include a District Style drop-down menu in the bottom right corner.

It should be simple to pick the preferred construction style from here, including the American style, which is one of the default styles in the basic game. Users who have downloaded user-made styles from the Steam Workshop and activated them in the Content Manager in the main menu of Cities: Skylines will see them shown in the District Style sub-menu within the District Menu.

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The Difference with European Buildings

European cities have a courtyard inside a block formed by wall-to-wall buildings of comparable height and shape, but American cities have separate houses/skyscrapers that rise as high as they want and oftentimes look identical (in the game), which is strange.

In contrast to European cities, which are made up of several tiny suburbs surrounding an ancient town, each with its own little downtown/pedestrian retail strip, American cities have large residential suburbs and a single large CBD.

American cities are crisscrossed by freeways that run through the middle of the CBD and through the suburbs, whereas European suburbs are usually built around train stations (or public transportation in general) that lead to the old town, while the freeway only goes around the outer city but rarely gets far into it.

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