Complete Deltarune Characters

Deltarune Characters
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You have three Deltarune Characters to play as the Lighteners, the story’s protagonists.

Deltarune Characters

According to creator Toby Fox, Deltarune is not a successor to Undertale, nor does it take place in or effect the universe of Undertale. However, certain characters will resemble those from Undertale in appearance and behavior. As a result, several hypotheses have surfaced stating that this game is a prequel or alternate universe to Undertale.

To know the game better we have compiled a complete Deltarune Characters

Deltarune Characters – Main Characters

Deltarune Characters


Kris is Deltarune’s primary character and, presumably, the human Hero of Light. With the exception of the final cutscenes and brief times in other cutscenes, they are controlled by the player throughout the duration of the game.

Deltarune Characters


Susie is Deltarune’s deuteragonist and, presumably, the monstrous Hero of Light mentioned in The Prophecy. Susie plays the position of the party’s tank because she wields an ax and has the highest hp.


Ralsei is Deltarune’s deuteragonist and, as promised in the Prophecy, the “Prince from the Dark” Hero of Light. Ralsei serves as the party’s healer due to his lower attack and defensive stats and ability to deliver healing spells.


As one of Kris’s classmates and neighbors, Noelle Holiday is a minor character in Deltarune and a key playable character in Chapter 2. Her mother, the Mayor of Hometown, and her father, Rudy, who is now in the hospital with an unnamed illness, live on the northwest side of town.

Deltarune Characters – Darkners


Lancer is a malicious Darkner youngster who appears in Chapter 1 of Deltarune as a secondary antagonist. While his first purpose is to eliminate the party before they can reach and seal the Eastern Fountain, he eventually joins them and becomes an ally.


The King is the main enemy and final boss of Deltarune’s first chapter. He is Lancer’s father and one of the Card Kingdom’s four monarchs.

His mission is to assist the Knight by guarding the Eastern Fountain and conquering the world with darkness, eventually establishing the Darkners as overlords. When Kris locks the Eastern Fountain at the end of Chapter 1, this purpose is hindered, at least temporarily.


Queen is the main antagonist and last boss of Chapter 2 in Deltarune. Her full name is Serial Number Q5U4EX7YY2E9N. She is the ruler of the Cyber World, a Dark World in the computer lab of the library.

On a Normal Route, GIGA Queen is a huge robot that serves as the Chapter 2 final boss.


Jevil is a Darkner and the first bonus boss in Chapter 1, where he acts as an antagonist. He is one of Shadow Crystal’s keepers.


Spamton, whose full name is Spamton G. Spamton, is a robotic Darkner that appears in Deltarune’s Chapter 2 as an enemy. He is first encountered as a miniboss in Cyber City, where he is fought.

Deltarune Characters – Lighters


Toriel is a regular NPC in Deltarune’s Chapters 1 and 2 as well as a character from Undertale. Kris and Asriel are her children, the latter of whom is away at university. She lives with them in a well-kept home on the outskirts of town.


Berdly is a character in Deltarune who first appears as a minor character in Chapter 1 before becoming a secondary antagonist who later becomes an ally in Chapter 2. He is one of Kris’s classmates and early opponents, as well as Noelle’s study companion. He is the arrogant self-proclaimed “Number 1” student in school.


Sans is a Deltarune recurrent character and an Undertale returning character. As the “janitor,” Sans manages a self-titled grocery store in Hometown (despite there being no-one else working there). Sans’ dialogue is written in lowercase and in Comic Sans typeface, thus his name.

Rudolph Holiday

Rudolph “Rudy” Holiday is a Deltarune supporting character. He is Noelle’s sick father, whom you may see in Hometown at the conclusion of Chapters 1 and 2.


In Deltarune, the Knight is a mystery figure that appears frequently. The current major bosses of King and Queen appear to be subservient to the Knight, making them a significant opponent, despite the fact that they do not present physically.

The Knight, according to their disciples, has immense power and has the capacity to open Dark Fountains and construct Dark Worlds, a skill that appears to be limited to Lightners.



  • Alphys
  • Berdly
  • Catti
  • Jockington
  • Monster Kid
  • Noelle
  • Snowy
  • Temmie

QC’s Diner

  • Aaron
  • Dad Dragon
  • Diner Shopkeeper
  • Hat Monster
  • Fire Elemental
  • Ice Wolf
  • Mom Cat
  • Tentacled Monster
  • Waitress Lion


  • The Warrior
  • Red Big Mouth
  • Rudolph Holiday
  • Shyren

Flower King

  • Asgore Dreemurr


  • Striped Bird
  • Annoying Dog

Town Hall

  • Politics Bear
  • Hand Receptionist

Police Station

  • Napstablook
  • Undyne
  • Wet-Nose Bandits


  • Blue Ears
  • Bratty
  • Catty
  • Clam Guy
  • Dad Cat
  • Father Alvin
  • Flower Shop Loox
  • Froggit
  • Innkeeper’s Child
  • Nobody
  • Irritable Ghost
  • Onion
  • Pizzapants
  • Purple Guy
  • Royal Guards
  • Scared Donut Guy
  • Snail Guy
  • Snowy’s Father
  • Terry

Deltarune Characters

That’s all the Complete Deltarune Characters you can play or meet in the game. To prevent this post from being thicker than all harry potter books combined, we’ll only list the name of the NPC characters.

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