How to Solve FFXIV Launcher Error 30413? (Best 4 Solutions)

How to Solve FFXIV Launcher Error 30413
Written by Wike Cattleyana
How to Solve FFXIV Launcher Error 30413
How to Solve FFXIV Launcher Error 30413

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is a Microsoft Windows-based online multiplayer role-playing game. It has been running for over a decade and has one of the biggest active communities.

Recently some players faced bitter experiences when downloading or updating the game, the screen got freeze and gets black, and in a few seconds a ffxiv launcher error 30413 notification pop up.

We know you must be frustrated whenever this happened, and we have researched why this issue happens and how to solve it.

Possible Causes of FFXIV Launcher Error 30413

The possible reasons for the ffxiv unable to download patch files issue. According to the feedback from a lot of players, the error may be caused by the country region and a routing issue. Furthermore, this problem might be caused by an active Windows firewall, as well as network problems such as DNS cache and Ports.

Solving Country Region Problem

Geo-restrictions can cause FFXIV Launcher Error 30413 problems. You can use a VPN service to avoid this issue. VPNs can bypass geo-blocking and provide unrestricted bandwidth. To connect to a VPN, follow the steps below.

  • Choose your favorite VPN service.
  • Connect to a country server.
  • Download the game and see if it works or not.

Solving DNS Problem

Players have reported that changing the DNS server in Windows 10 fixes the problem. To update your DNS, follow the instructions below.

  • Press the “Windows+R” on your keyboard, type “ncpa.cpl” on the Run box and hit “Enter.”
  • Right-Click on your internet connection and then choose “properties
  • A new pop up window will appear, select “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click “Properties” button.
  • Change the “Preferred DNS server” and “Alternates Servers” with the following address,, and, tick-mark on the “Validate settings upon exit” and click “OK.”
  • An try download the game and see if it’s works.

Solving Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall can block the FFXIV downloading process, to deactivate it follow our instructions below.

  • Go to setting
  • Select “Update & security” on the menu
  • Selecet “Windows Security”from the menu bar
  • Click the “Firewall & Network Protection” on right side.
  • Right click on all the option and turn the firewall off

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Those are three different options to solve the FFXIV Launcher Error 30413. We have tested all the methods above and concluded the reason for the issue may be one of them.

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