Rimworld: How To Cure Muscle Parasites ?

Rimworld How to cure muscle parasites
Written by Wike Cattleyana
Rimworld How to cure muscle parasites
Rimworld How to cure muscle parasites

Diseases are random disasters in Rimworld that might strike your colonists at any time. The frequency with which they appear is determined by the biome in which your colony is located and the difficulty level you have chosen.

Infections are less common in deserts and tundra than they are in rainforests. If your pawn is hurt, infections have a random probability of emerging independent of the biome. Muscle parasites are one of those diseases, and in this post, Rimworld: How to cure muscle parasites, you’ll be able to handle it.

What is Muscle Parasites

Muscle parasites aren’t fatal, and they’re easy to treat! When one of your pawns gets sick, don’t panic; simply establish a new colony. By Rimworld standards, it’s a rather mild sickness that just makes your pawn sluggish.

Here are the general symptoms of your pawns when inflicted with the disease:

As you can see, the symptoms are rather moderate. It simply forces your pawn to take extra rest and slows down their movement and work speed. If your pawn is on a forced labor schedule and can’t sleep, he’ll be sluggish, desire to sleep a lot, and get a mood debuff for being sleepy, and he won’t be as efficient in his allotted responsibilities.

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Rimworld: How to cure muscle parasites.

Rimworld: How to cure muscle parasites is quite simple to treat. All you’ll need is some standard medication. Your pawn will not need to rest for the length of the illness. There is a “treatment quality” pop-up when your colonist is treated.

All you need is for the therapies to add up to 300 percent. It may sound complicated, but your colonist will be cured if you receive three 100 percent treatments. Six treatments at 50%, ten at 30%, and so on. There is no such thing as a “golden” number of treatments; you just need to achieve a total of 300 percent.

Now, you know Rimworld: How to cure muscle parasites you don’t have to be panic anymore. Muscle parasites aren’t the end of the world for your colony, and they’re far from the deadliest disease your pawns may contract. It’s quite simple to treat; simply give them a regular dose of any medicine and they’ll be OK in no time!

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