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Written by Wayka Mido

This is an updated Roblox star codes which contain all the video makers and their star codes, you can seach the list for your favorite video creator and easily copy his/her code:

  • 3sb: 3SB Games
  • AlvinBlox: AlvinBlox
  • AmberryYT: Amberry
  • Anyx: Anix
  • Annoying Orange Gaming: TootyFruit
  • Ant: Ant
  • Ant Antixx: Antixx
  • Ashleyosity: Funneh
  • AshleyTheUnicorn: Unicorn
  • bandi: Bandi
  • Bandites: Bandites
  • BereghostGames: TheFGNCrew
  • Betroner: BYN
  • bigbst4tz2: BIGB2
  • Buur: Buur
  • CaptainTate21: Captain
  • Chrisandthemike: Christmas
  • Conor3D: Conor3D
  • CQQP: cqqp
  • CraftedRL: Crafted
  • Cybernova Games: Cybernova
  • DeeterPlays: DeeterPlays
  • DefildPlays: Defiled
  • Denis: Denis
  • DimerDillion: Dimer
  • DOLLASTIC PLAYS!: Dollastic
  • DV Plays: DV
  • Evanbear1: EB1
  • FancySmash: Fancy
  • Flexer97YT: Otaku
  • Fnatic: iifnatik
  • FunkySquad413: Funky
  • Fuzz: Fuzz
  • GallantGaming: Gallant
  • GamingMermaid: Mermaid
  • GamingWithKev: GWKFamily
  • Gravycatman: Gravy
  • heysant2018: HeySant
  • Hyper: Hyper
  • iamSanna: iamSanna
  • ibemaine: IBeMaine
  • INeedAMint: IBeMaine
  • InquisitorMaster: Alex
  • ItsFunneh: Funneh
  • ItzVexo: ItzVexo
  • Janet and Kate: TeamJK
  • Jayingee: Jake
  • JD: JD
  • jeruhmi: cat
  • Jie GamingStudio: JIE
  • Kaden Fumblebottom: Kaden
  • Kavra: Kavra
  • Kawaii Kunicorn: Kunicorn
  • Keiser: Keisyo
  • Kelvingts: Kelvin
  • Kindly Keyin Star: Keyin
  • KreekCraft: RealKreek
  • KrystinPlays: Krystin
  • L0GinHDi: LOGinHDi
  • LaniRoblox: LANI
  • LankyBox: LankyBox
  • Laughability: Laugh
  • Landon: ARKH: Quack
  • LazarBeam LAZAR
  • Leah Ashe: LeahAshe
  • LegolazYoutube: LegolazYoutube
  • Linkmon99: Linkmon99
  • Lonnie: Lonnie
  • MatrixPlaysRB: Matrix
  • MeganPlays: MeganPlays
  • MicroGuardian: Micro
  • MuneebParwazMP: Muneeb
  • MyUsernamesThis: Bacon
  • NapkinNate: Napkin
  • Night_foxx: NightFoxx
  • Noangy: Noangy
  • NotThnxCya: ThnxCya
  • ObliviousHD: Oblivious
  • okgamerman: Playonyx
  • PeetahBread: Peetah
  • Poke: Poke
  • PremiumSalad: Premium
  • PrestonMobile: Preston
  • Raconidas: Raconidas
  • Rainway: Rainway
  • RazorFishGaming: Razor
  • Realistic_GamingMC95: Realistic
  • Realrosesarered: Realroses
  • RealSubZeroExtabyte: Subzero
  • Rell Games: Rell
  • Remainings: Remainings
  • RenLeaf: PinkLeaf
  • Roblox Minigunner: Minigunner
  • RussoPlays: Russo
  • ryguyrocky: Ryguyrocky
  • SallyGreenGamer: SallyGreen
  • Seedeng: See
  • Seniac: Seniac
  • Senior: Senior
  • SGC_Shane: ShanePlays
  • SharkBL0X: SharkBlox
  • Sketch: Sketch
  • Signicial: Signicial
  • skyleree: Sky
  • Sopo Squad Gaming: sopo
  • Straw: Straw
  • StronbolYT: Stronbol
  • Sub’s Blox World: Sub
  • SunsetSafari: SUNSET
  • TanqR: TanqR
  • TBNRwife: Brianna
  • Telanthric: Telanthric
  • Temptrist: Temptrist
  • Terabrite Games: Brite
  • The Frustrated Gamer: TFG
  • The Monkey: Monkey
  • therealcybernova: Cybernova
  • TheRoPo: RopoRoblox
  • Thinknoodles: Noodles
  • ThnxCya: ThnxCya
  • Tofu: Tofu
  • TootieFruity9000: Tootyfruit
  • ToyHeroesMolly: Toyheroes
  • TwiistedPandora: Twiisted
  • Unicorn Twins: PIZZA
  • VeD_DeV: VeDDeV
  • xdarzethx: Gremlins
  • Z_Nac: Znac
  • Z00LD: Z00LDYT
  • ZacharyZaxor: Zach
  • ZephPlayz: ZephPlayz

how to redeem Roblox star codes?

To use the star code for Robux of your favorite video creator:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Robux amount that you desire
  3. you will be redirected to the payment page:
redeem Roblox star codes
redeem Roblox star codes
  1. Click on “Click here
  2. Past the star code of your favorite video creator
  3. click on add
redeem Roblox star codes
redeem Roblox star codes
  1. it will look like this once the code is entered :
redeem Roblox star codes
redeem Roblox star codes

Requirement to join Roblox video stars:

These are the requirement to join the Roblox Video stars:

  • your content must meet  Roblox Terms of Use and Roblox Community Rules.
  • Have a cumilative of 10,000,000 Roblox video views
  • average views of 25,000 per Roblox video
  • 100,000 followers or subscribers .
  • Your content must be on one of these languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.


what do star codes do in Roblox?

A star code in Roblox is code that you can use when purchasing Roblox Robux to support your favorite video star as they are getting 5% of what you purchase.
The Roblox Star Code is a special code that you can get from a member of the Roblox Video Stars Program. When you use a Star Code to support a Video Star, they will automatically earn 5% of the Robux purchase you make on the Roblox website.

how to make your own star code on roblox?

in order to make your own star code you have to join the Roblox Video Stars Program which you have to meet roblox creteria for and then contact roblox team at

More Roblox codes

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