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Roblox Tapping Simulator codes

With these new Tapping Simulator codes you will be rewarded some free super gems,free taps and more rewards, make sure to redeem them before they expire:

  • ship:  50 super gems.
  • moon:  50 super gems.
  • power60: 1 hour x5 Tap Power.
  • super60:  1 hour x10 Super Tokens.
  • lucky60: 1 hour x5 luck.
  • bosscat:  50 super rebirths.
  • dinos:  30 super gems.
  • 40millions:  50 super gems.
  • 30millions:  a lot of taps.
  • elsa:  5 super gems.
  • 25millionvisits:  5 super gems.
  • worlds:  5 super gems.
  • pineapplepizza:  a lot of taps.
  • 20milliontaps:  5 super gems.
  • 10million:  A lot of gems.
  • 5mcake:  A lot of gems.
  • awesome:  Elder Butterfly Pet.
  • welcome:  5,000 Taps.

How to redeem Tapping Simulator codes?

to redeem the codes for tapping simulator first click on options then on promo codes and a screen will pop up where you can enter the codes:

roblox tapping simulator codes
roblox tapping simulator codes

About Tapping Simulator

Tapping Simulator is a Roblox game that was created in Mai 2020 by a gang called The Gang Stockholm, and it reached more than 80 Million visits, you can follow the developer on twitter to get the latest updates about the game.

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Roblox Tapping Simulator codes
Roblox Tapping Simulator codes

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