Stardew Valley Blacksmith or Prospector ? And Why ?

Stardew Valley Blacksmith or Prospector
Written by Wike Cattleyana
Stardew Valley Blacksmith or Prospector

You have reached level 10 as a miner and you’re not sure to pick blacksmith or prospector you have to pick as your next profession? Check out our short guide about Stardew Valley Blacksmith or Prospector.

Stardew Valley Blacksmith or Prospector

Stardew Valley Blacksmith or Prospector

At level 5, you will have to choose between Miner and Geologist, and if you choose Miner, at level 10 Stardew Valley blacksmith or prospector will come up as an option for you to pick. I suggest you pick Prospector. Why? Because as Prospector you will get double chance to get coal that you will need a lot.

Coal is needed to make seed maker, beehives, slime egg-press, and many other things. Coal also is a necessary item for the furnace. Without a unit of coal available in your inventory, you can’t process smelting ore or bouquet, and impossible to activate the furnace.

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Become a blacksmith also give you a bonus, you will be able to sell Metal bars for 50% more gold but it doesn’t apply to radioactive Bars or Refined Quartz. Metal bars should mostly be used for crafting, not for sale, therefore selling them for a bigger profit isn’t essential. Unless you’re planning to farm iridium.

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