Stardew Valley Excavator or Gemologist ? And Why ?

stardew valley miner or geologist
Written by Wike Cattleyana
Stardew Valley Excavator or Gemologist

At level 10, you get to choose Stardew Valley excavator or gemologist. Excavator doubles your chance to find geodes and gemologist makes gems worth 30% more. Which one is better? It depends on what objective you want to achieve.

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Stardew Valley Excavator or Gemologist

The gemologist is better only if you actually sell your gems, which isn’t the most profitable strategy, to begin with. You’ll ultimately want to dupe the most precious gems in Crystalarium and preserve them for trading with the desert merchant rather than selling them outright, and selling low-value discovered gems like topazes and amethysts are mediocre at best.

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Double geodes may be really useful in the later game if you’re coming to the end of the museum and only need a few more minerals and artifacts. Plus, once omni geodes cease being rare and precious (i.e., when you’re farming the SC and come out with two dozen of them every time), they’re decent cash with the desert merchant.

Respeccing to the opposite skill tree, depending on your resource requirements, maybe a better option than either of these two. Getting +1 ore per node makes iridium farming a lot simpler, and increased coal yields are a godsend when everything you want to build requires a lot of coal, which you’ll also need for smelting all the bars you’ll need.

I always choose Miner/Prospector now and only respec into Excavator if I’m in a rush to finish the museum. I can see the difference in ore yield when I don’t have the bonus, and I can’t wait to respec back once I’m done fiddling with geodes. I don’t think about gems because the only valuable ones will be made into coffee, stairs, and spicy eel anyhow, and the cheap ones won’t be worth picking up after a while.

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