10 Tips for Maplestory New and returning players

maplestory guide 2020
Written by Wayka Mido

in this guide i’ll be bringing you the top 10 tips for getting back into Maplestory in 2020 .

Tip #1 : picking the right server

play on reboot server if you want to play on a populated server and enjoy spending time to progress .

play on regular servers if you enjoy trading and if you don’t mind spending money to progress .

overall i would recommend reboot server because that’s the server i play on and i prefer spending messages to buy cubes rather than real money.

Tip #2 : picking a class

first off pick whatever class you want, one huge turn off of the reboot server is that there is an expectation that everyone needs a kanna farmer . unless you are a serious player and are going for end game content you do not need a kanna farmer .

however if you do want to main kanna then it’s a win-win .

for newer players i recommend playing a class with simple mechanics so you can focus on learning the game rather than learning the nuances of the class .

here are some simple classes in each job category so for the warriors we have :

  • hiro
  • kaiser
  • iran
Maplestory Warriors class

for the bowman classes we have :

  • wind archer
  • bowmaster
  • pathfinder
Maplestory bowman classes

for the mages we have :

  • ice lightning
  • mage luminous
  • bishop
maplestory mage classes

for the thieves we have :

  • nightlord
  • shadower
  • dual blades
Maplestory thieves classes

for the pirates we have:

  • angelic buster
  • cannoneers
  • shade
Maplestory pirates classes

in Maplestory you are rewarded for having multiple characters so don’t feel like the first class you make is going to be your main forever .

Tip#3 : links and legion

What are links in Maplestory ?

link skills are job exclusive skills that are transferable to other characters
and unlocks at level 70 120 210 for levels 1 2 and 3 respectively..

generally the best link skills for training are the one that gives a form of
xp boost and the best links for bossing are the ones that give percent damage.

there are also other link skills that are situational based such as the mihail link skill that provides 100 stance as a new or returning player i’d advise you to not worry about this system as it is more effective at later levels .

the legion system

next up we have the legion system the best way to think about this is that each of your characters are tetris blocks and the more you have the stronger your account is .

the legion system provides in-game stat boost based on the number and which specific characters you have.

note that having two of the same character will not stack the same legion effect .

here’s what you need to know as a new player open up your hotkeys and assign the legion hotkey to any key you like.

Maplestory board

place characters shown below on the board to gain the character’s legion effect .

as well as the board’s effect on the right hand side we can see our legion rank .

total level of the 40 highest characters in the account and the number of members assigned .

to get free coins daily press start raid and then just press leave and you’ll be given some free coins you can also do daily legion quests that are pretty easy to get additional coins use those coins to purchase items from the legion shop .

additionally you can talk to dame to upgrade your legion to unlock more board space and member slots .

Tip #4 : what are flames in maplestory ?

Flames are genetics for your items . the stats in green are the additional flame stats .

how do you know if your flame is good ?

pull out a flame to your table look at the item’s level and stat
and note that the higher the tier the better .

maplestory flames

Here is a flame tier table to check .

to change your flame use red flames and rainbow flames to re-roll the green stats .

additionally certain items cannot be flamed such as rings and shoulders .

Tip #5 : how to make mesos ?

to make Mesos do the following :

  • do Ursus three times daily between 8 pm and 8 am ( AEST; UTC+10:00) time for double the meso.
  • do maple tool twice a day and collect the paycheck at the end of every week for two times payout .
  • collect silent crusade coins from bosses and exchange them for meso bags .
  • do bosses and sell the boss crystals at the free market.
  • reach level 6 in alchemy to extract items at a dent mill and sell philosopher stones for 300 000 each.

Tip #6 : look out for MVP buffs in the chat

MVP buffs are a 1.5 times xp buff that’s stacked with your other xp buffs you will see a message such as : “MVP ARD CH8 XX:30” .

this means that the person will use the mvp buff in our dent mill in channel 8 at the 30th minute of the hour .

Tip #7 : Daily bosses

what bosses should you do daily ?

here are the bosses you should do daily :

  • normal zakum for the face and eye accessory
  • the root abyss bosses for flames and crystals
  • chaos horntail for earrings pendant and ring
  • madman Ranmaru for flames and japanese equips
  • pink bean for the belt and cup pocket item
  • arkarium for the mechanator or dominator pendant if you’re lucky
  • easy normal magnets for the badge

Tip #8: arcane symbols and Nodestones

what are arcane symbols ?

arcane symbols are additional equips that you unlock after level 200. you level them up each day through daily quests to increase the amount of stat it gives and arcane force .

you unlock more symbols as you level up and progress through the arcane river.

Maplestory arcane symbols

What are Nodestones ?

Maplestory Nodestones

nodestones can be opened after your fifth job to randomly give you a node for your v matrix .

nodes can be broken down into 5 categories :

  • boost nodes which power up your pre-fifth job skills.
  • fifth job nodes which are required to use and level up your fifth job skills .
  • skill nodes which include decent holy symbol and decent sharp eyes .
  • class specific skill nodes such as ethereal form for majors .
  • temporary nodes that give a wide array of bonuses but are time limited .

Tip #9 star forcing

star forcing is the new cubing of 2020. most of your gains are going to come from star forcing from 1 to 15 stars the gains are alright but the 15 + stars is where the juice is and you get a large amount of attack and magic attack from each upgrade beyond 15.

the catch is that upgrades from 12 star and above have a chance to destroy your item leaving you only a trace of it .

the saving grace is that you can transfer that trace onto another version of the same item to restore the item but the star force decreases to 12 stars .

note that all other stats remain the same after this process .

if you want to start force efficiently save up for star force events such as 30 off and 5 /10/ 15 which come roughly every 6 weeks.

Tip #10 : don’t play alone

solo progression is a valid way to play the game but i would strongly suggest you find a good guild that you can connect and progress with .

guilds come with many benefits such as guild skills which give you percent damage boost and permanent XP boost from level 101 to 200.

Wrap up

well that wraps up my top 10 tips on getting back into maplestory in 2020 leave a comment if you liked this guide or if you have any other tips you want to add to this list .

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