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Wisteria codes

These are all the active Wisteria codes for January 2021, we will update this list once new codes are available.

Active Wisteria codes:

these are all the active codes for Wisteria Roblox:

  • !2021DemonArt: Blood demon art reset code (New).
  • !2021Breath: Breath reset code (New).
  • !DemonAppearance: Nichirin color and appearance reroll code.
  • !Christmas: Nichirin color and appearance reroll code.
  • !BDAReroll: BDA reroll code (New).
  • !BreathReset: Breath reset code (New).
  • !10000WISHES: Haori reroll code.
  • !30000LIKES: Face reroll code.
  • !1000FOLLOWS: Nichin color Reset code.
  • !25000LIKES:  Face, eye & hair Reset code.
  • !SUBTOSAGEE:  Facial Reset code.
  • !SUBTOVALEKIS:  Facial Reset code.
  • !20000LIKES:  Haori code.
  • !SUBTOINFERNASU:  demon art reset code.
  • !SUBTOIBEMAINE:  Breath Reset code.
  • !10000Likes: Nichirin color and appearance reroll code.
  • !8000Likes: Horn reroll code.

About Roblox Wisteria

Wisteria is a Roblox game created early this year by Demon Corps, the game is still in development mode and gets shutdown from time to time. the game currently has 1.7 Million visits on Roblox.

Roblox Wisteria controls:

the controls for Wisteria are:

  • V = Equip Katana / Fists
  • W+W = Sprint
  • E = Breathe
  • F = Block
  • Q = Dash
  • L = Stats Menu
  • M = Meditate

Roblox Wisteria Trello

The Trello board of Wisteria is where the developer shares information and details about the game, you can also check it for some Frequently asked questions and more in depth details about the game. check it here.

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all Roblox Wisteria codes
Roblox Wisteria codes

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