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Ninja Legends 2 codes

Roblox Ninja Legends 2 codes
Written by Wayka Mido

in this article we collected all new Ninja Legends 2 codes, the game is just newly released and the codes will help you to understand the game and get and early boost while discovering it.

the list of codes below will be updated once new codes are released.

How to redeem Ninja Legends 2 codes

to redeem Ninja Legends 2 codes simply click on blue button codes on the right sides, the a screen will pop up where you can enter the code and click on redeem:

How to redeem Ninja Legends 2 codes
How to redeem Ninja Legends 2 codes

Ninja Legends 2 codes

  • powers500: Extra Shards! (NEW)
  • bossbattle300: 300 Shards .
  • Firstplanet250: 250 Shards.
  • epictower350: 350 Coins.
  • treeninja400: 400 Coins.
  • shurikencity500: 750 Coins.
  • epicturrets450: 300 Shards.
  • waterfall500: 500 Shards.
  • newgame500: 500 Shards.

About Ninja Legends 2

Ninja Legends 2 is a Roblox game made by the creators of the famous game Ninja Legends.

Here is how to play it:

  1. Gain Element by training with your weapons!
  2. Sell your Element for coins and buy new items/skills!
  3. Unlock more Double Jumps and discover new Planets!
  4. Hatch epic pets to increase your multipliers, and improve your Pet Index!
  5. Speak to NPCs and complete Quests! Quest objectives/rewards scale with your multipliers!
  6. Meditate on the Volcano to become the Volcano Master!
  7. Turrets will become harder to dodge the higher you climb!

the game is still in early phases so new updates will be released weekly.

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Roblox Ninja Legends 2 codes
Roblox Ninja Legends 2 codes

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