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Roblox Ani-Blox Legends
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Ani-Blox Legends is a Roblox gamewith more than 3, million visits. it is an anime gacha game that involves a lot of grinding, it also has multiple characters from different anime series.

Ani-Blox Legends codes

There are no current codes and there has been no talk about codes.


Some of the questions are repeatedly asked in the official discord server by other players and for more info about the game check the official trello board of the game.

Who is the best starter in Ani-Blox Legends

Ichigo is the best starter. His damage and moveset is superior than Luffy’s or Naruto’s.

What is the max level?

3 Stars – 30 4 Stars with 5 Star Transcendence – 50 4 Stars without 5 Star Transcendence – 60 5 Stars – 60

What is transcending?

Transcending raises your unit to the next star. Not everyone can transcend and not everyone has a 5-star form.

How do I transcend?

You need gold, max level on your character, and they need to have a transcend option.

Do all characters have transcend?

No, not at all.

How do you link units?

You enhance the same unit for bonus stats, doesn’t matter what rarity it is. 6 is the max link.

What is the best way to farm quartz?

Fusha Village 1 or Infinite, your pick.

How do I switch units?

You can only switch units if you play a mission solo, you can do it by pressing e. Alternatively you can also click on the unit portrait as well.

What is the rank cap?

25 id the rank cap.

Why can’t I summon?

You don’t have enough space for one, enhance or sell units.

What do pengos do?

Pengos are to transcend your units to a higher star.You get pengos from completing pengo trial.

What is gold used for?

Gold is also used to transcend your units to the next star or can be used for gold summons.

What does slime do?

There is two type of slime,normal slime or gold slime Slime is the material to upgrade your units to their max level. There is a slime trial that gives you slimes or campaign gives you baby slimes.Gold trial that gives you gold slimes to sell for money.

What is links and how i use it?

Links give 3.5 to all stats per link a unit has. To get links you have to enhance a unit with the same unit. The Max level for links is 6 for every unit.

Ani-Blox Legends Trello

Here is the trello board of Ani-Blox Legends including the tier list, frequently asked questions and characters details:

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