Attack on Titan Freedom Await bloodlines list and rarity

AOT freedom awaits bloodlines is fairly new feature to the game that is still in development phase,

Most bloodline don’t do nothing except for the ackerman that gives you gives 2x damage.

AOT Freedom Awaits Bloodlines list

here is the full list of bloodlines in AOT Freedom Await and their rarity:

  • (Eren) Yeager: 0.5%
  • (Levi) Ackerman: 0.5%
  • (Rod) Reiss: 0.5%
  • (Ymir) Fritz: 0.5%
  • (Eren) Kruger: 1%
  • (Mike) Zacharius: 1%
  • (Armin) Arlert: 2%
  • (Reiner) Braun: 2%
  • (Erwin) Smith: 3%
  • (Dot) Pixis: 5%
  • (Annie) Leonhart: 6%
  • (Hange) ZoĆ«: 7%
  • (Petra) Ral: 8%
  • (Moblit) Berner: 10%
  • (Traute) Carven: 12%
  • (Krista) Lenz: 15%
  • (Bertolt) Hoover: 15%
  • (Rico) Brzenska: 20%
  • (Eld) Jinn: 25%
  • (Nile) Dok: 25%
  • (Floch) Forster: 50%
  • (Ilse) Langnar: 50%
  • (Oluo) Bozado: 50%
  • (Marlowe) Freudenberg: 50%
  • (Hitch) Dreyse: 50%
  • (Djel) Sanes: 50%
  • (Boris) Feulner: 50%

is there bloodline tier list?

if there is a tier list it will be like this:

  • S – ackerman
  • F – everything else

as ackerman‘s the only one that does anything/


Does bloodline have any function ATM or is it just cosmetic?

only ackerman gives 2x damage for now.

do bloodlines even matter in this game?

Only bloodline that does something is Achermen. but future update will definitely improve bloodlines and their ability and features.

How do I play the game?

To play Attack on Titan Freedom Await follow the steps below

  1. Press 1 to equip your ODM
  2. Press R to release your blades
  3. Hold spacebar to boost
  4. Double tap W to run
  5. Hold R to check your gas
  6. Press S in the air to do backflip
  7. :p2white_dot: When you get critical damage it will appear golden
  8. :p2white_dot: An overkill critical will cut off a titan’s limbs

About Attack on Titan Freedom Await

Attack on Titan Freedom Await is a Roblox game that was released on December 2020, the game is still in demo phase but it already got a lot of attention, as it already reached more than 1 Million visits on Roblox.

For more updates and announcement about the game follow the official twitter account of the game here.

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Attack on Titan Freedom Await bloodlines list and rarity
Attack on Titan Freedom Await bloodlines list and rarity

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