Roblox Shinobi Battlegrounds codes

These new Shinobi Battlegrounds codes will reward you some spins and a bunch of money, make sure to redeem them before they expire:

  • !Temari: 75¥.
  • !1010: 100$.
  • !BattleGrounds: 150¥.
  • !fix1: 75¥.
  • !fix2: 75¥.
  • !ITACHI: 5 spins.
  • !ChojiNext: 250¥.
  • !ITACHIV2: 8 spins.

How to redeem Shinobi Battlegrounds codes?

To redeem Shinobi Battlegrounds codes just click on codes on the bottom menu then enter the codes in the next screen and click on enter and you will receive the rewards:

Roblox  Shinobi Battlegrounds codes
Shinobi Battlegrounds codes

About Shinobi Battlegrounds

Shinobi Battlegrounds is a Roblox game that was created on March 2019 The game is a Naruto Arena FFA style game where you use some of your favorite Naruto characters, Naruto weapons, or even custom created Shinobi to shock your opponent with a character chosen skillset and then fight your competitors in a contest of skill.

You can play Shinobi Battlegrounds here

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all Roblox Shinobi Battlegrounds codes
all Roblox Shinobi Battlegrounds codes

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