Power Simulator 2 codes

power simulator 2 codes
Written by Wayka Mido

power simulator 2 codes will reward you different amount of tokens ranging from 100 to 250 tokens, make sure to redeem these codes while they still valid:

  • mario: 100 Tokens (NEW)
  • 25KVIPBONUS: 2 hours of VIP (NEW)
  • NEW15KCODE: 2 hours of VIP
  • pog: 200 Tokens
  • SORRY: 300 Tokens
  • 10KLIKESTOKENS: 250 Tokens!
  • Ecoded: 100 tokens!
  • 5KLIKES: 150 Tokens!
  • RELEASE: 250 Tokens!
  • TRISTAN : 100 Tokens!
  • RAINWAY : 100 Tokens!

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How to redeem power simulator 2 codes

To redeem the codes for power simulator 2 first click on twitter icon on left of top menu:

power simulator 2 codes
power simulator 2 codes

then a screen like this will show up where you can enter the codes from the list above and claim your rewards:

power simulator 2 codes
power simulator 2 codes

How to find new power simulator 2 codes?

there are multiple ways to help you find new codes for power simulator. the codes can be found on the official Discord server of the game , also you can find them on the developer Twitter account as he releases exclusive codes on occasions. some times the codes are shared in the game description on Roblox. another way is you can check this page as we update it once new codes are released.

About power simulator 2

Power Simulator 2 is a fighting Roblox game released mid 2020 and has more than 1.5 Million visits on Roblox.

In Power simulator 2 you can choose to either be a hero or a villain and you have to train and gain new skills, and try to learn new powerful skills.

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