Princess Connect Re:Dive beginner Tips

Princess Connect Re:Dive beginner Tips
Written by Wayka Mido

Hi and welcome to this small guide to the game Princess Connect Re:Dive. Like the title suggests, it’s meant to be a collection of leads, which will help you a lot when progressing.

I highly suggest for new players to read the “Rerolling” and “Progression” part, but after that, there is no right order to read this guide.

Feel free to navigate to the topics where you need information or are simply interesting to you. 

Tip #1: Rerolling

  1. To start off, rerolling doesn’t really matter in the long run. Can make your first months playing Priconne a lot less frustrating and easier though, so it’s still recommended. But if you dislike rerolling be assured that it’s not game-breaking.
  2. If you want to reroll, Makoto is generally the “best” option, simply because she will be meta in clan battle in a while and it takes very long to farm her.

    However, Makoto is kinda underwhelming in early game – So people often try to reroll Makoto + another 3 star who helps them progress.

    I personally recommend to reroll for Makoto + Miyako: Miyako is a 2 star, so rerolling her is a lot easier than another 3 star.

    In addition to that, she’s the best pve tank right now and will make your life in story a lot easier. Rerolling for only Makoto is fine too.

Guides to reroll fast (without downloads):

Reroll Advice for current banner:

Will update it regularly, for the time being I assume that Jun will be the launch banner.

Jun is a very strong pve tank. Since she has defense break, she’s very good in Clan Battle (CB) as well and will most likely dominate CB with Makoto for a while.

You can farm her in future hard story mode chapters though (on the other side, apparently her stage is very hard and you’ll have a hard time clearing it with decent characters).

If you aim to be competitive in Clan Battle, Jun is very worth to reroll for.

Tip #1: Gacha

  1. Priconne has a spark system. For every multi you get 10 points and when you have 300 of them, you’re able to exchange them for a featured character of your choice.

    In general people recommend saving for spark – The rates aren’t the worst but it is a good safety net. To do a spark, you need to do 300 pulls (= 45k jewels). Also good to note that spark doesn’t carry over, at the end of a banner your points get converted into skip tickets.
  2. So who to spark for? Generally limited characters, especially seasonals, are good choices.

    Examples for the first year would be Christina (first Princess Festival) or seasonals like Summer Peco/Kyaru and Christmas Chika.

    Other characters are farmable and you’re able to get them without gacha. And banner like Princess Festival have double 3* rates, which makes them very valueable.
  3. If you want to be competitive in either CB or arena, you need to focus on one of them. For example, Jun will be great for CB and Ilya will dominate arena once she comes out.

    When you’re f2p, better focus on one aspect since you don’t have the resources to roll on every “good” banner.

    You can also check out Shinkis write-up in the #en-questions channel (Priconne Discord), he wrote a small overview about each upcoming banner in the first year (assuming en follows jp).

  4. Every time you get a dupe, you get divine amulets (1 for 1* Dupe, 10 for 2* Dupe, 50 for 3* Dupe).

    It can be used to buy shards from characters you already have. While the divine amulet – shards ratio seems to be very cheap at the beginning, the price for shards increases every 20 shards you buy up to a maximum of 5 amulets per shard.

    That’s why buying enough shards to ascend a character from 3* to 5* is very expensive (1150 amulets). Thus it’s recommended to save amulets for limited characters who you can’t farm.

Tip #3: Team Building

I won’t go into detail why X unit is good for Y role (I’m lazy and it would make this guide too long as well). Search on the internet, look at the skill kit and if you’re really confused why said character is bad/good you can ask in Priconne discord as well (You can find the link at the bottom). But this guide won’t cover this aspect.

  1. Every character has a certain range value, which determines how much the character stands in the front or in the rear.

    That’s why you can’t change the order of your team, the positions of the characters are fixed by their range value.

    Therefore, you need to be careful who you use in your team, since positioning is very important and the only way you can influence it is by swapping characters in your team.  

  2. Regarding tankiness you should be aware of two positions: 1 (right) and 3 (middle). The first spot obviously gets attacked by short-range mobs and the third spot usually is the target of the long-range mobs. The second and fifth spot gets attacked too, but not as often.

    The fourth spot is the “safest” of all of them (from my experience at least) and if you can put your squishiest unit in there it would be great. 
    • good units for the first spot (main tank) = Pecorine, Miyako, Kuuka, Nozomi, (Jun)
    • good units for the third spot (off-tank) = Kokkoro, Nozomi, Shizuru, Akino, Mifuyu
  3. It’s also recommended to not focus solely on magic or physical dps at the beginning, you need both of them. Having a good physical dps is more important though, since you need that a lot more than mdps in story.
    • viable mdps for story = Yui, Maho, Akari, Kyaru, Anna, Hatsune
    • good physical dps = Shiori, Suzuna, Djeeta, Makoto, Kaori, Mimi
  4. You should avoid using Lima or Kuuka as the main tank at the beginning, too.

    Lima is not really tanky and has more use of pvp because of her unique trait to show up later in battle.

    And Kuuka is more specialized in magic damage, which you won’t encounter often in story.

    In addition to that, her taunt leads to her being killed even faster.

Tip #4: Progression

  1. Focus on story mode, try to push it as far as you can. If you’re stuck, farm the available gear (priority: tank > dps > off-tank > healer > rest).

    If you’re still stuck, you can refine (ONLY refine if you have equipped every available gear). And when you’re able to progress further the cycle repeats.
  2. At the beginning try to only level a core of 5-6 units (7 are also alright if you really want to).

    You can level other units when you’re done with story mode and focus on other content like very hard dungeon or arena.
  3. Stamina refills are recommended. You can do either 3 or 6 refills, up to you if you either value currency or progression more. 

Tip #5: Story

  1. You don’t have to 3* a stage to farm efficiently. The only benefit you gain from it is jewels, satisfaction and the ability to use skip tickets.

    But drop rates are always the same, regardless of the amount of stars you get in a run.
  2. Equip fragments who are shown in the left and middle have higher drop rate than fragments in the right slot. (Except in hard story mode, in hard story every equip has the same drop rate)
  3. Droprate for equips in hard story is doubled, so feel free to farm these even tho the stamina cost is high.
  4. Refreshes for hard story mode generally aren’t recommended, 50 jewels for possibly 0 shards aren’t great value. It’s probably worth during 2x hard drop events.
  5. There are no drawbacks in using skip tickets, since you gain exp potions and food instead of the affection & exp you get from manual.

Tip #6: World 8

  1. World 8 has two very annoying mobs, doors and clouds. Thus having Yukari in your team will make this map a lot easier for you.
  2. If possible, try to place Yukari (or any other character who can tank magic damage well) in position 2. This should solve any difficulties with doors since they only attack the second spot.

Leveling & Refine

  1. Be careful with refine, since you lose every bonus stat you get from it when you rank up. In addition to that, you only get refunded 50% of the used refinement points. 
  2. Unless you refined more than 2 gears, always rank up. The exceptions are rank 4 and 7 – These ranks are even worth it when you refined everything on the previous rank.

    Reason for that is the new skill you unlock by reaching these ranks. Especially rank 7 is a huge power spike and you should rank up immediately if available (save some mana to level the new skill up though)
  3. You can look up the gear from the next ranks by clicking on the profile picture at the bottom left -> Rank Details
  4. In early and mid game you’ll have tons of exp potions, so better avoid buying these in the shop because you’ll need the mana for leveling skills up & gearing.

    But when you hit a certain level (around 60) leveling up becomes very expensive, so you may consider buying them when you hit that point.

Tip #7: Dungeon

  1. Since you can stay in a dungeon for multiple days you don’t have to beat it immediately on day 1.

    Just make sure your number of remaining attempts is 0 before reset so you don’t miss out on your daily attempt.
  2. Make use of guild supports! While it’s expensive and it’s probably not worth it to use them every time in normal & hard dungeon, it’s a good investment for the first clear to get the stamina furniture as early as possible.
  3. Retreating in a dungeon stage basically resets all progress made in that one attempt. So if a unit dies or anything goes wrong, you can always retreat to try again or swap some units.
  4. Always do the highest difficulty. Even without beating the boss you’ll get much more coins and rewards by beating the normal stages (which won’t be much harder because they scale with your player level).

Strategy for VH Dungeon Boss

VH atm is the most difficult PVE boss and not an enemy you can beat with your normal team (unless you’re highly overleveled).

The cheese comp for him is Yui + Chika + Yukari + 2 tanks. You can use Maho instead of one tank. The key aspect of the strategy of this cheese comp is, that you don’t lose any units who survive if you time out.

So all you do is stay alive, time out several times and slowly chip his health away in multiple attempts.

Yukari is the core unit in the team, because her UB shield is necessary to survive the UB of the boss and her TP battery skill allows your healers to keep the team health at a consistent amount.

Yui and Chika are also very important, since most of the boss’ attacks are AOE.

Regarding tanks, you can use anyone besides Rima (not completely sure about Kuuka though, haven’t tried her).

Keep in mind that you need 2* Peco if you plan to use her.

Note: Unless you’re high leveled (around lvl 65) I wouldn’t try to auto VH. Timing your UBs correctly is the key to beating him.

  1. Use Yukari’s UB before the UB from the boss, usually he casts it after Silence. Some people already use her UB before Silence, up to you what you prefer. 
  2. Keep in mind that Yukari charges the unit with the lowest tp amount. So you may wait with using Chika or Yui to let the other one gain tp faster.

    Or if you plan to use Miyakos/Pecos UB, try to cast it at the same time like Yui/Chikas UB so that Yukari charges the healer instead (Yukari prefers the rear positions when charging).
  3. Sometimes the boss can be very unpredictable, e.g. using his UB when you don’t expect him to do so. If that happens you should retreat to try again. You can also use fodder units to reset his attack pattern.

Tip #8:Arena

  1. The easiest way to climb the ranks fast is to target bots.

    You can recognize them by having every unit in their team at 2* or 4* (That’s why you see 3* units in 2* rarity in arena sometimes) or a bad team composition. 

    You can also target players who have Kaori/Kuuka in the front (easy win).

Arena Team Compositions

AOE Burst Comps:

  • Ninon Comp

Yuki + Mitsuki + Saren + Ninon + Lima

  • Rino Comp

Yuki + Rino + Mitsuki + Yukari + Lima

These team comps are built around having Ninon/Rino charged up very quickly and nuking the enemy with their UBs. Lima is very useful because she causes the enemies to group with her delayed entry, and Mitsuki provides AOE defense debuff to make the UB hit even harder.

Magic Melt Comp

Magic dps are very strong in arena because magic attacks can’t miss and most current team comps are vulnerable against magic damage (Especially pudding, she literally melts against that).

Mentionable damage dealer for a magic team are Hatsune, Anna, Yori (high star level required).

Debuffer/buffer who reduce magic defense or raise magic attack like Maho or Akari are useful too. 

General  strong units for Arena (will fit into most team comps)

Hatsune: AOE magic damage, Stun, attacks automatically the enemy with the highest attack stat

Tamaki: Good against magic comps since she deals massive damage against mages and targets the enemy with the highest magic attack stat.

Pudding: Strongest anti-physical tank.

Kuuka: Strongest anti-magic tank.

Monika: +50% attack speed, buffs your team


  • A lot of information in this guide was gathered by stalking in the #en-questions channel in Priconne Discord (you can find the link in the bottom). Massive thanks to everyone there, you guys are simply amazing! Shoutout to Shinkirou#2097, Moekun#4065, Groob#0431, Chunchunmaru#8024, TimaeuSS#0425 and Feedophile#6872.

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