Conqueror Piece codes

Conqueror Piece codes
Written by Wayka Mido

Conqueror Piece codes will reward you some free beli ranging from 500 Beli and up to 1500 Beli, also there are codes that will help you reset stats, make sure to claim these codes while they still valid:

  • Update1: Stat Reset
  • MonDelay1: Stat Reset
  • MonDelay2: Stat Reset
  • MonDelay3: Stat Reset
  • ShutdownServer: Stat Reset
  • ShutdownServer2: Stat Reset

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How to redeem Conqueror Piece codes?

To redeem the codes for Conqueror Piece first head to the menu in left bottom corner and click on “codes” like this:

Conqueror Piece codes
Conqueror Piece codes

then a screen like this will appear where you can enter the codes and click on “Redeem” to claim your reward:

Conqueror Piece codes
Conqueror Piece codes

How to Find new Conqueror Piece codes?

To get new codes in Conqueror Piece just join the official discord server of the game, also check the description of the game before playing , sometimes developers leave some codes their and set milestones when the next code will be available.

You can always check back this post as we update it regularly once new codes are available.

What is Conqueror Piece Game?

Conqueror Piece is an adventure Roblox game released late 2020 and made by Conqueror Piece group. the game has only 140K visits but it started getting attention lately.

How long it took for devil fruit to spawn?

Well devil fruits dose spawn every 1 hour and after it spawned there will be cooldown 30 minutes then it’ll start count again.

1 Hour > spawn > 30 min CD > 1 hour > spawn

Also devil fruits dose despawn every 30 minutes after spawned ( the CD)

How dose Haki training work?

So as you guys notice there Haki process if you train it it’ll increase time limit each time you use Haki you’ll gain experience also both Haki seek and armor have same process bar which mean if u train one the other one will gain experience too.

How do I change the devil fruit?

To change the Devil fruit Just eat another it will replace your current devil fruit.

What are the game controls?

these are the controls in Conqueror Piece

  • Q- Roll
  • WW- Run
  • F- Block
  • Space 2x- Geppo (Must have it)
  • R- Observation Haki
  • T- Armament Haki
  • ZXCV- Skills (Must have it equipped and unlocked)

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