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Murder Mystery 2 Codes

Murder Mystery 2 Codes, mm2 codes
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Murder Mystery 2 codes will allow you to get Extra Free knifes and other game items.

Murder Mystery 2 is a Roblox game that was created in January 2014 by Nikilis and has reached 284 million visits. The Goal of the game is to solve the Mystery and survive each round.

If you are one of the Innocents, you have to run and hide from the murderer and use your detective skills to expose him.

If you are the Sherrif, you have to work with the Innocents to take down the Murderer. If you are the Murderer, your goal is to eliminate EVERYONE.

All active Murder Mystery 2 codes

No Active codes yet!! We will make sure to update this list with new codes once available.

Expired Murder Mystery 2 codes

The following are the expired codes so you can get an idea of what other players benefited from in the past and what codes and rewards might be released by the developers.

 COMB4T2  free Combat II Knife
 PR1SM free Prism Knife
 AL3X Alex Knife
 C0RL Corl Knife
 D3NIS Denis Knife
 SK3TCH Sketchy Knife
 SUB0 Sub Knife
 INF3CT3D Infected Knife
 G003Y Goo Knife
 R3PT1L3 Reptile Knife
 SK00L Skool Knife
 PATR1CK Patrick Knife
2015 2015 Knife
 G1FT3D Gifted Knife
 N30N Neon Knife
 HW2017 Pumpkin Pet
Expired codes for murderer mystery 2


How to get Classics in Murder Mystery 2?

Find someone with a Classic and trade (preferably a Godly) with them.

How to get diamonds or gems in Murder Mystery 2?

You can get diamonds by buying them at the shop using robux.

How to get Godlys in Murder Mystery 2?

You can get Godlys by unboxing, crafting, game passes, events, trading, or buying merch. 

How to sit in Murder Mystery 2?

Purchase the Sit emote in the Shop for 600 coins.

How do you get Murderer every time in Murder Mystery 2?

Your chances of becoming a Murderer will increase with each game you play that you don’t become a Murderer.

How do you throw a knife in Murder Mystery 2?

  • Press E on your keyboard.
  • On a mobile device, there’s a button to throw your knife at the bottom right corner.
  • On console, click the left trigger (LT) button at the top left of the controller to throw your knife.

Final thoughts

That all codes for murder mystery 2, you can also check MM2 value list for more information about the value list. also check mm2 wiki.

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